Billfold Wallets

        Typically made from a catcher's or first baseman's mitt, the traditional leather Billfold Wallet features authentic baseball glove leather crafted into the familiar bifold wallet design. Made from genuine used baseball glove leather, the Billfold Wallet has two pockets for cards with one large pocket for cash, separated by a suede divider. The classic Billfold Wallets are often made of character leather from inside the glove and some wallets feature brand names or printed player autographs. 

Are you looking for a specific baseball glove brand or favorite player? We have a wide inventory of brands & player model gloves, which we craft into our finished wallets. Finished products include Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Nokona, Spaulding, MacGregor, Mizuno, Nike, JC Higgins and Rawlings baseball glove wallets. Browse our collection of vintage baseball glove wallets or contact us to inquire about more brands and specific players' designs.


Need a different size? Check out our smaller wallets! We offer a wide selection of handmade leather wallets, such as our

Fold-Over Wallets, Money Clip Wallets, Snap Wallets, and Slide-In Wallets.

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